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Are you and aspiring fashion model or a talented young actor you always wanted to be represented by one of the most happening and fastest expanding modeling agencies / casting agencies? The first two things you need to do, is to have a professional portfolio and to be represented by a well connected casting agency. Moda Angeli can offer you both. The models we represent have some of the most stunning portfolios in Mumbai, portfolios in Delhi and portfolios in Hyderabad. Thanks to our professional fashion photographers in the three main fashion cities of the country, you can always have your professional shots taken wherever it is most convenient for you. Our photographers will know which are the styles and the poses that bring out the best of you, and you can be certain you will end up with one of the most glamorous portfolios in Mumbai.

Once you have your professionally shot fashion portfolio, the next step is to identify the best modeling agency to represent you. Even here, you can be assured that Moda Angeli has the best to offer you. As a young and dynamic casting agency, which offers many services amongst which grooming and fashion consultancy, Moda Angeli always has solutions tailored to its customers. You can either walk in at one of our offices in one of the three major fashion hubs of the country, Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi, to get personally in touch with one of our model coordinators in Hyderabad, one of our model coordinators in Delhi or one of our model coordinators in Mumbai. Alternatively, you can start you modeling career simply with a few clicks. Just log on to, and start creating your profile. All you have to do, is give your details and measurements, and upload your portfolio. Once our team at Moda Angeli approves you profile, you have immediate access to dozens and dozens of jobs posted by the most successful fashion designers of India, and by the most sought after TV and film producers. Once you identify the job offers for which you think you are the best candidate, all you need to do is to apply for it online, and our client will be notified. You will gain innumerable benefits from such a hassle-free, direct and unmediated approach, where the models and actresses on the one side, and the fashion designers and producers on the other side, avoid going through several layers of mediators and coordinators and can instead be in direct contact with each other. Not only can you, as a model or an actor, apply to the jobs posted by our client. The fashion designers and the producers can also browse through the profiles of the upcoming talents and contact them directly.

Our motto is, one online portal, hassle-free and transparent policy, and hard work. This is how we have grown steadily ever since our first inception in 2012 in Hyderabad, and how we are now represented in 3 major fashion and entertainment hubs: Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.