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Did you always want to become one of the most glamorous models in Hyderabad, or obtain one of the coolest acting jobs in Mumbai? Then, the first thing you need to do, is to get your professional portfolio done! At Moda Angeli we help you create one of the best portfolios in Hyderabad for you! Through our extensive network of professionals in the fashion industry, and through our well spread presence across the country, we can always get young aspiring models and actors in touch with some of the best fashion photographers in Mumbai, some of the most talented fashion photographers in Delhi, and some of the best known photographers in Hyderabad.

Once you have your professional portfolio done, you need to find the right casting agency that represents you and gives you the edge. This is where Moda Angeli can be your best partner and your best asset to start and boost your career in the entertainment industry. Moda Angeli specializes in representing young talents in the fashion industry and in the TV and film sector. We offer our services through our online portal at, as well as personally from any of our branches in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

To start modeling and acting today, all you need to do is to sign up at Moda Angeli and create your profile by giving your details and coordinates and by uploading your best photographs. Once our team has approved your profile, you will have direct access to the innumerable jobs in the entertainment industry that are listed on our portal, and daily updated. You can simply select the jobs that appeal the most to you and for which you believe you are best suited, and we will notify the fashion designer, producer or advertisement agency who posted it. Moda Angeli specializes in establishing direct connections between models and actors on the one side, and fashion designers and producers on the other side. We do not want to impose any hassles or delay the process: thus on our online portal everyone involved in the entertainment industry can meet.

This simplicity and this straightforwardness are the characteristics that differentiate Moda Angeli from other modeling agencies. Here you will not have to go through numerous coordinators and mediators. This simplicity also allows us to offer our connection services for free. We only charge, once a job is actually taking place: there, we will deduct a minimal percentage. However, you will not incur any charges for using our services, or for signing up and creating a profile.

If you are passionate about fashion and are as hard working as our team is, you can be assured that you will find some of the best modeling jobs in Delhi, Modeling jobs in Hyderabad or modeling jobs in Mumbai. If you are an aspiring actor or actresses, don’t worry: some of the hottest actors and actresses of the moment are represented by Moda Angeli and owe their success to their association with us.

Just sign up today and explore the many online and personal services we can offer you. Start making your dreams become reality, and become a start in the entertainment industry now!