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If you want to start a modeling or acting career, the first thing to do is to get a good, professional fashion portfolio done! A portfolio is the visiting card of a model or an actress or actor. So, if you want to be a model and if you are looking for portfolios in Delhi, you have reached the right place! At Moda Angeli we will connect you with the best Delhi photographers, who will take the best shots of you, in your best light and best poses.

With a portfolio, you can now start looking out for jobs and you can take the right actions in order to get discovered by fashion designers and TV and film producers. Moda Angeli offers you the possibility to showcase your portfolio with your best poses online on their model and actor portal at Our fashion portal is visited daily by innumerable models, actors and actresses, and, importantly, by fashion designers and producers in the entertainment industry who are always on the look out for fresh faces to represent their clothes or act in their latest roles.

At, all you have to do is to sign up, load up your portfolio photographs, and start browsing amongst the many jobs that are offered! Your request and your photographs will directly be sent to Moda Angeli’s clients, and you could thus become the next top model! What does this service cost? Nothing! This is all for free! Yes, you have read this right: modelling agency Moda Angeli offers a free online portal where models and actresses and actors can meet and browse and apply to the latest fashion jobs and roles in the entertainment. If a job actually happens, then only will the casting agency charge a percentage of the turnaround of the job. Thus, as you can see, it is directly in the interest of Moda Angeli to get you the best and most remunerative jobs that are out there on the market! This transparency, and the direct connection between models, actors and actresses on the one side, and, on the other side, fashion designers, advertisement companies, photographers and TV and film producers, are the features that make Moda Angeli stand out amongst the casting agencies and modelling agencies spread across the country.

With Moda Angeli you can be assured to always get the best job offers that fashion designers and producers in the entertainment industry post. View our job section frequently, as the postings are being updated daily by Moda Angeli’s team!

If you wish to meet our team, you can always contact us and meet one of our model coordinators in Mumbai, or one of our model coordinators in Delhi, over and above our model coordinators in Hyderabad. At our offices we can offer you consultancy services and grooming services, and together we can plan your acting and/or modeling career! The best acting jobs in Hyderabad and modeling jobs in Delhi are just a few clicks away! What are you waiting for? Sign up today and become one of India’s next talents of the fashion industry!