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A good modeling agency does more than just representing its fashion models and its actors. Because at Moda Angeli we aspire to be the leading modeling agency in the country, and because in doing what we do we are driven by passion, we take our work seriously and are active around the clock.

Not only do we represent our fashion models and actors with utmost professionalism. We assist them throughout their journey in the fashion industry. From helping young, fresh faces to create their first professional portfolio, to introducing them to the most sought after stylists and grooming them in each and every aspect of their appearance and of their mannerism, we at Moda Angeli provide you with the most complete set of services that any young talent could ask for. Choose the modeling agency that is next to your side from the beginning of your career up to the apex of your success!

Many modeling agencies fail to be clear on their terms and conditions, with unpleasant surprises when it comes to the calculation of commissions. We, instead, are clear and open about the percentage Moda Angeli gets for each deal, avoiding unwanted surprises and benefitting both, the model and the agency.

Because we are present in India’s leading fashion cities, you can be certain that by associating with us, as a model or actress, you will gain the maximum spread across the sector. Through our offices and casting agencies you gain direct access to auditions in Mumbai, acting jobs in Delhi, Hyderabad photographers and modeling jobs in Mumbai, and much more, all at once! We are the modelling agency where with one single account, you get access to the highest paid and most prestigious jobs in the fashion industry across India!

Transparency and a well-established network are not the only qualities defining us and making us one of the leading modeling agencies in India. The other major advantage young talents get from associating with us, is that to be a part of Moda Angeli is completely free! Yes: to subscribe, be a part of Moda Angeli and make your portfolio accessible to innumerable fashion designers and advertisement agencies, while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of security, is completely free! You only have to provide your coordinates, upload your photographs, and the fashion world stands open in front of you! How, you may ask, is this possible? This is possible because here at the modelling agency Moda Angeli we believe in hard work, transparency when it comes to commissions, and, especially, you. Because we are well connected and well established in the industry, be assured you get the best deals with us.

If you are a fashion designer or a producer and you are looking for the right male and female faces for your latest collection of clothes or your upcoming videos, browse through the dozens of professional portfolios representing young talent from India as well as from abroad.

Moda Angeli : The one stop for all services related to fashion, modeling and acting.