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If you want to start your modeling career, you need to have contacts to some of the best photographers, producers and model coordinators. Here at Moda Angeli we can offer you these and many more services, all at once: we are one of the fastest growing modeling agencies in the country, with branches in the three main fashion hubs of India: Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Thus, whether you need some of the best Hyderabad photographers, model coordinators in Delhi, or even casting agencies in Mumbai, we have the answer for you.

Moda Angeli was founded in 2012 by its current CEO, the young and dynamic Mr. Sonny Arcot, and has grown ever since. Mr. Arcot brought, along with his long-term experience in the entertainment industry and some of the best connections in the field, an immense passion for what he does. His team in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi is as hard working and professional and together they have created one of the most successful modeling companies on the market today.

As a young aspiring fashion model, or as a talented new face in the TV and film industry, you need to look out for a modeling agency, which represents you and stands behind you in this competing sector. The modeling agency and casting agency Moda Angeli does exactly this! It takes care of your career in the entertainment industry from its very first steps up to the apex of your career. First of all, you need to simply sing up on our webpage at There you can give your details and coordinates, and load up your best photographs. All this is for free! Once the Moda Angeli team has approved your profile, you will be able to browse through the dozens and dozens of remunerative jobs that are posted daily on our virtual portal by the most sought after fashion designers, TV and film producers and magnates from the entertainment industry. Once you identify the jobs that interest you and for which you believe you have the right characteristics, you can apply with a simple click and our client will be notified!

It always helps to have a professionally shot portfolio. This will bring out the best features of you and your chances of being contacted by one of our clients and obtain a job will increase manifold! At Moda Angeli we offer you the possibility of having a professionally shot portfolio for a very nominal amount. No matter where in India you reside, we can meet one of our talented Hyderabad photographers, Delhi photographers or Mumbai photographers! With their long experience they will be able to bring out the best of you and make you shine!

If you want to contact one of our model coordinators in Hyderabad, model coordinators in Mumbai or model coordinators in Delhi to avail of our other services, feel free to contact us! We are here to help you with our grooming services and our modeling consultancy services.

To start modeling or acting has never been so easy! Sign up today and start enjoying the many benefits of being part of one of the most competitive and fastest growing casting agencies of India!