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Amongst the many services we offer, connecting you with the best photographers is one! Whether you are looking for the most talented Delhi photographers, Hyderabad photographers or Mumbai photographers, we always work only with the most reliable and talented professionals in the sector.

As a fashion model or as an aspiring actor or actress, you certainly know the importance of having a professionally shot portfolio that represents you in your best light and poses, always. The world of the entertainment industry is a highly competitive one, and it is important to always look your best and freshest! So, whether you are residing in Hyderabad, Delhi or Mumbai, you can be assured that with Moda Angeli you will always only get the highest quality services.

Moda Angeli is synonym of fast growth, success and reliability. Founded by its current CEO Mr. Sonny Arcot, Moda Angeli has expanded immensely ever since its inception in Hyderabad in 2012. Today the modeling agency is present in the three main fashion hubs of the country, with offices in Delhi and in Mumbai, over and above Hyderabad. Not only has Mr. Arcot brought his know how about the entertainment through his long-year experience in the sector; he also has an incredible network of connections, that makes the models and actors and actresses represented by Moda Angeli work with some of the best fashion designers, photographers and TV and cinema producers of the country.

All you have to do to become part of this thriving community is to g in to the webpage, sign up and create a profile, and voila’! You only need to upload you best photographs, and once the Moda Angeli team has approved your profile, you can start browsing through the dozens of jobs that are posted on the webpage. This way you can avoid the hurdles of going through numerous coordinators or mediators, as you will be directly applying for the jobs and the client will receive your photographs instantly. Not only is this an absolutely hassle free, advantageous procedure; what is more, it comes completely for free! You may ask, how is this possible?

This is where Moda Angeli’s uniqueness comes to the fore: Moda Angeli does not charge you to be represented by the casting agency, and allows you to browse through the many available jobs and to be seen by fellow models and Moda Angeli’s clients. Only when a job actually takes place, then Moda Angeli will get a commission, as a percentage of the job’s turnaround. Now, you can understand that it is completely in Moda Angeli’s interest to get you those jobs, and accordingly represent its models and actors and actresses to the best designers and producers. It is this transparency, hurdle free procedure that has made Moda Angeli the successful modeling agency that it is today.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today and be a part of a fast growing, enthusiastic, successful modeling agency that will always strive to get you the best jobs in the entertainment industry!