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Moda Angeli is one of the fastest growing Casting Agencies in Mumbai. As such, it stands among the most respectable casting agencies in Mumbai, it is one of the most successful casting agencies in Mumbai and it is one of the very well represented casting agencies in India as well.

Founded in 2012 by its current CEO Mr. Sonny Arcot, Moda Angeli was first established in Hyderabad. Soon thereafter, Moda Angeli started expanding and it is now represented not only in the three main fashion and entertainment metropoles of India, but it offers jobs and represents models and actors across the country.

The secret behind this success is not only Mr. Arcot’s insight into the modeling world and the entertainment industry, which he gained through his long standing experience in the sector; the success is also a result of Moda Angeli’s simple and transparent formula. The team of Moda Angeli in fact does not believe in mediators and burdensome hurdles, but favours instead a direct, unmediated connection between its models and actors and/or actresses on the one side, and its clients, the who’s who in the entertainment industry, on the other side. A portal where hundreds of young aspiring and affirmed fashion models and talented actresses and actors can upload their portfolios and be directly discovered by and contacted by the clients is what makes the approach supported by Moda Angeli so unique. Complementarily, the young artists can also browse through the dozens of daily updated jobs offered by the most affirmed producers and fashion designers, which are uploaded on All you have to do in order to be able to make use of this unique service is to sign up and upload your photographs along with your details and coordinates. This is completely for free! As soon as Moda Angeli’s team approves your profile, you will have instantaneous access to the many glamorous jobs we offer.

How, you might ask, is this possible? If Moda Angeli has developed a system where the signing up and the services the fashion agency offers are for free, how does the casting agency even survive, let alone thrive? Well, this is possible because of the numerous jobs that are being provided through the portal, and the percentage that Moda Angeli gets from each job that is carried out. This means that each model or actor who signs up can network and market themselves for free. Only once a job does actually take place, will a nominal percentage of the shooting be retained by Moda Angeli. Because Moda Angeli’s profit comes from the actual jobs that are being carried out, rather than from the models and actors and actresses who sign up and become members, it is in the modeling agency’s direct interest to get its young talents numerous jobs! This transparency, and the direct link between models and fashion designers, or the link established between actors and film and/or TV producers, is what makes Moda Angeli a unique casting agency.