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Moda Angeli has, since its foundation in 2012, quickly become one of the top casting agencies in Hyderabad, representing some of the most glamorous models and of the most talented actors and actresses. If you are also want to start your career in modeling or in cinema or TV, you have found the right place!

Amongst the many services that the casting agency Moda Angeli offers, there are consultancies with our model coordinators in Hyderabad, our model coordinators in Delhi and our model coordinators in Mumbai. We regularly meet with our models and actors and actresses to groom them and give them the latest tips and hints from the entertainment industry. With there, you can be assured to have a good start at the various auditions in Delhi, auditions in Hyderabad and auditions in Mumbai. As you can see, we are spread across the country. We are not only in the three main fashion capitals of the country, namely Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai: we offer also jobs in places such as Goa, Chennai and Pune amongst others.

Our main feature however, behind which lies our success, and which distinguishes us from the other regular modeling agencies and casting agencies is our online presence. At you will find that we represent some of the top models and actors and actresses of India. You can become one of them by simply signing up for free with us! Once you created your profile, you can start to upload your photographs, and you can apply for the many jobs that are listed on our webpage. The who’s who in the entertainment industry of India post their requirements for fashion shootings and for film and TV shootings here. If you find you are the right model for one or more of these, or you have the talent to fulfill the advertised role the best, then you can simply apply for those jobs by clicking on them. Moda Angeli, this way, instantaneously brings in touch the male and female fashion models and actors and actresses on the one side, and fashion designers, TV and film producers and entertainment managers on the other side. No frills, no hassles: all in just a few clicks!

If you want to increase your chances to be discovered and to get that modeling job in Hyderabad or that acting job in Delhi, it is always good to have a professionally shot portfolio. With one of our talented and hard working Delhi photographers, Hyderabad photographers or Mumbai photographers, you can get your best shots for a very nominal amount!

Ever since Moda Angeli has entered the entertainment market, it is one of the most requested and fast growing modeling agencies of the country. With branches in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, we are well represented, and represent and promote our young talents as well! Mr. Arcot’s experience in the sector has provided him with the best networks in the entertainment industry and he regularly gets contracts for his models and actresses with the best fashion designers and advertisement agencies.