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Auditions in Mumbai

About Modaangeli » Auditions in Mumbai for Movies, Hindi Serials

At Moda Angeli we regularly hold auditions in all our office branches. Come to one of our auditions in Mumbai, auditions in Hyderabad or auditions in Delhi and meet our highly qualified, hard working and extremely professional team! You will not regret it, and, if you are a young actor or actress, you will get a peak into the vast number of acting jobs in Mumbai, acting jobs in Hyderabad and acting jobs in Delhi waiting for you! If you are a male or female fashion model, the numerous model coordinators in Mumbai, model coordinators in Hyderabad and model coordinators in Delhi that we offer you will get you in touch with the best fashion photographers and make you get the best modelling jobs in Mumbai, modelling jobs in Hyderabad and modelling jobs in Delhi.

Whether you are a fashion model or an actress, We conduct daily new auditions in mumbai. Moda Angeli will offer you the best services in the industry, and, on top of this, free of cost! How is this possible? Our profound commitment and passion for the entertainment industry, as well as our ample network of connections with the best producers and fashion designers have brought us to create this platform where young talents can showcase their talent and clients can browse through their portfolios, all for free. Only once a job is fixed, will Moda Angeli charge a nominal percentage of the amount of the contract between the model/actor and the client. This is how we guarantee you and the client the utmost professionalism, while, at the same time, maintain the high standards of the services we offer. Where other casting agencies charge the models upfront to be represented, independently of whether a job is being fulfilled or not, we at Moda Angeli get a small amount only the moment you, as a fashion model or an actor, will get the job! Our professional team of model coordinators, along with Delhi photographers, Mumbai photographers and Hyderabad photographers, will work hard to get you the best jobs on the market. This way, you will benefit, but also the fashion designers, the film and TV producers who commission the job, and, finally, we, the Moda Angeli team, who works hard to connect the right young talents with the right business people in the entertainment industry.

To be a young model or a young actress or actor can be daunting. However, if you are associated with, and represented by, a modelling agency like Moda Angeli, you will not be alone, and you will always be guided by the most expert fashion photographers and talent scouts.

Today auditions in mumbai By Moda Angeli, our auditions in Hyderabad or our auditions in Delhi! Meet the team and become one of the many aspiring models and actors/actresses we represent. You will be guided throughout your modelling or acting career: from planning your first professional portfolio with one of our numerous photographers, to getting in touch with the right producers and model coordinators in Delhi, model coordinators in Mumbai and model coordinators in Hyderabad, to finally kick off your new career as the next glamorous model or talented actor!