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Auditions In Delhi

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At Moda Angeli we regularly holds auditions in Delhi, along with numerous auditions in Hyderabad and plenty of auditions in Mumbai. This way we are always on top of the entertainment world, know who the most talented actors and actresses out there are. We select, groom and represent the best young talents in both, the fashion industry and the film and TV industry, and help them in their first steps in their dream careers.

We have numerous opportunities for aspiring actors, actresses, female and male fashion models from India and from abroad, and it is our aim to make them obtain the best jobs out there.

If you are a talented actor or actress, or if you think you have the right material to become the next star in the entertainment industry, then come to one of our auditions in Delhi! There you will meet our well trained team of model coordinators from Delhi, who will help you bring out the best of you. Through our expertise we know how to best bring out the actor in you, and we know how to represent you and connect you with the who’s who in the movie and cinema industry, as well as in the fashion industry. Our network is almost unparalleled, with modeling agencies in Delhi, modeling agencies in Hyderabad and modeling agencies in Mumbai. With us, you can be assured to be not only well represented, but also, importantly, you will be well groomed, so that the producers will select you for their newest roles!

With us, and our team of enthusiastic professional photographers, you can create your first portfolio at minimum cost. Once you have selected the photographs that best represent you and that bring out your talent, start a free profile on and start browsing among the many, many jobs that are listed on our webpage by fashion designers, producers and managers in the entertainment industry. The jobs are updated daily and there are plenty! Surely, you will find what suits you. Once you identify the jobs you believe you are most apt for, simply apply for it with a click. The producers and entertainment managers will get your notification and go through your portfolio, and, if you are the right talent, the job is yours!

To create the direct connection between fashion models and actors and actresses is our main goal at Moda Angeli. We do not believe in coordinators, lists and shortlists. We fasten the process, bringing the model and actor in direct contact with the producers and fashion designers through our webpage, thus saving plenty of time, money and energy to both parties.

The same transparency that you will discover when working with us, is what also has enabled us to grow steadily and fast. Founded as recently as 2012, Moda Angeli has already expanded and has bustling offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi! Come and visit us personally at one of our offices or sign up for free at our portal today!