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35 yrs, 18 yrs and 40 yrs Males required for Short film
Job Description Casting for Short film------------------------------- (Only Delhi based cooperative nature artists required) ------------------------ Requirements are as follow:-------------------------------- 1. Mr. A------------------------ Male aged: 35+years Looks: Whitish Well built, well dressed and with or without mustache------------------------- Character: Aggressive/intimidating look, Restless and cynic---------------------- Height: 5’10------------------------- Reference: Jimmy Shergil in Wednesday.---------------------------- 2). Mr. B-------------------- Male aged: 40+--------------------------------- Looks: Whitish, sharp, heavy built and With or without mustache--------------------- Character: Claver strategist, cool, calm, composes, good speaker and friendly------------------------ Height: 5’7----------------------------- Reference: Anupam kher or Piyush Mishra in pink.------------------------------ 3) Mr. C----------------- Male aged: 18 years---------------------------- Looks: fair, slim, skinny and with new grown beard and mustache----------------------------- Character: stubborn, less talkative and lost a bit-------------------- Height: 5’7------------------------------- Reference: Dev Patel in Slumdog millionaire----------------------------- Mail your pictures and work links at For any query contact 8506002403--------------------------- (Shortlisted will be called for audition)---------------------- Nayan Ranjan
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