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Acting jobs In Hyderabad

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Whether you are a young actor, with little or no experience, who wants to start a career in acting, or you are an affirmed movie star, who wants to boost his or her career with the next best movie, we at Moda Angeli have the right selection of jobs for you!

Moda Angeli is a modeling agency and a casting agency that provides you with the best acting jobs in Hyderabad, acting jobs in Delhi and acting jobs in Mumbai. Our expertise has brought us to work with the biggest and best, most renown producers in the entertainment industry, and we strongly believe that we can establish the connection between them and you. Our model coordinators in Hyderabad will guide you through the auditions in Hyderabad that will get you the most sought after acting jobs in Hyderabad. Don’t forget that Hyderabad is the hot spot for acting, with famous Tollywood film and TV producers always looking out for new, fresh, talented actresses and actors for their leading roles.

So, if you think you have the right qualities to star in one of the next movies or have a role in a TV programme, then sign up for free on our webpage, load up your best clicks and write your qualities and coordinates. Once your photographs have been approved by our team of professional talent scouts, model coordinators in Hyderabad, model coordinators in Mumbai or model coordinators in Delhi, your profile will be visible to all our clients! Amongst our clients figure the most prominent TV and film producers, as well as fashion designers and advertising agencies. They all will have instant access to your portfolio, just as you will have immediate access to their job listings on our webpage.

To create the contacts between actors or actresses, male or female models on the one side, and TV or film producers or fashion designers on the other side, is our aim. Moda Angeli works hard to establish the right connections through its vast network and its seasoned experience. Because our only commission is through the jobs that you will get (yes, you have read this right: we do not charge a single rupee for you to sign up with us!), it is in our interest to provide you the best jobs and the best contracts. This is our policy: simple and transparent. And this is the key to our success, and to your success too!

If, instead, you are a producer or a fashion designer who is looking for fresh, new faces and talented actors and actresses with the right attitude to success, you have also come to the right place! Browse through their profiles, select the face that will best figure in your next movie or the body that will best wear your most fancy and elegant dress, and contact them! You can be assured that they are all hard working and honest, and will only offer their best performances to you. We personally meet each of our aspiring models and actors and actresses, to ascertain their seriousness and aspirations to be part of the entertainment industry, and groom them to their best.