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Acting Jobs In Delhi

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Are you a TV or film producer who looks for new, fresh faces and talented young actors and actresses for your new movie? You can list your acting jobs in Delhi with us, and we will find the right actors and actresses that will make your next movie a big hit!

Moda Angeli is a relatively new, yet already well established and steadily growing modeling agency and casting agency, which owes its success to the many years of experience of its CEO and founder Sonny Arcot. Mr. Arcot could personally gain experience in the entertainment and movie industry in Hyderabad, where he was involved with major production houses. In 2012 he decided to found Moda Angeli, so that he could bring his knowledge acquired over the years to fruit and create one of the most dynamic and fast growing agencies in India! Fashion and cinema being his long term passions, hard working by nature and with an ample network of connections in the entertainment industry, his expertise will surely help you identify the right actors and actresses for you.

Log onto to browse through the many new faces of fashion models and aspiring actors, and select the ones who would make your film or TV production a success! You can be assured that all the young talents we represent are hard working, professional and well groomed: our agency selects them personally and regularly meets them. Our team of professional photographers in Delhi, fashion photographers in Mumbai and fashion photographers in Hyderabad, along with our model coordinators in Mumbai, our model coordinators in Hyderabad and our model coordinators in Delhi meet them regularly. This way, we can groom them and bring their best talents out.

Not only can you browse through their profiles and select the ones you find most suitable for your production. You can also post your job requirement on our webpage so that the young actors and actresses can contact you if they feel it is the right job for them and they have what it takes to excel in your part.

Our task is to establish the connection between serious producers, fashion designers and advertising agencies on the one side, and talented new or affirmed fashion models and actors and actresses on the other side, so that both parties are satisfied.

How do we survive and how are we able to grow so fast? It is simple: through our policy of transparency and our passion for the industry. We do not charge anything from our young talents to display their photographs and browse through the listed jobs. We only get a commission the moment a job is actually taking place. This way, it is our direct interest to promote the best models and actors, who will satisfy the producers and film makers the most.

If you are looking for transparency, passion and experience you have reached the right place: Moda Angeli is the modeling agency and casting agency for you. Contact us today!