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About Moda Angeli

Moda Angeli is the fastest growing and leading talent portal in India and Internationally consisting of Models, Actors, and Child artists across all major cities in India and Internationally. Moda Angeli’s clientele consist of Major production houses, Ad agencies, Designers, Event Management companies, retailers, etc.

Moda Angeli offers Models, Clients/Casting Directors, and Modeling Agencies/Coordinators unique and exclusive features on our web portal for free. Every free tool, designed by our team of experts who have over a decade of experience in the casting process, is designed to let models apply for modeling/acting jobs easily and instantly, have clients connect with models and actors easily and instantly, let modeling agencies/coordinators use free business tools and to save their entire database on our cloud servers which will be able to be accessed anywhere in the world and eliminates expensive and bulky equipment currently carried by coordinators to clients to show their database and allows access to more modeling/acting jobs for their models which in turn will increase the agency’s income as well as the model’s. Below are the list of features offered exclusively by Moda Angeli Talent Portal.

MODELS - Moda Angeli works with Mumbai modeling agencies, Mumbai casting agencies, Delhi modeling agencies, Delhi casting agencies, Hyderabad modeling agencies, Hyderabad casting agencies and posts requirements of Mumbai modeling jobs, Mumbai acting jobs, Delhi modeling jobs, Delhi acting jobs, Hyderabad modeling jobs, Hyderabad acting jobs and modeling and acting jobs from India and internationally. Models in our database can upload 10-12 pictures, update their physical attributes, update their modeling profile, and upload videos of their work. Models can sign into their account and click the “apply for this job” button and have their portfolios sent to clients instantly for approval of that particular job. Moda Angeli will inform any model selected for the job instantly and coordinate the shoot or show.

CLIENTS and CASTING DIRECTORS - Moda Angeli clients and casting directors can browse our database for Movie casting requirements, print ad requirements, Tv ad requirements, fashion show requirements, and event requirements for Mumbai models, Delhi models, Hyderabad models, Mumbai actors, Delhi actors, Hyderabad actors, Actors from all major cities in India or internationally, Character artists, and child artists. Our unique and time saving system allows our clients, directors, and producers the ability to shortlist models and add them to their favourites in their profiles to refer to them at a later date or to instantly email the selected talent to their team for discussions or approvals, saving our clients a lot of time and money while going through the casting process. We also offer a “create project” tab where multiple projects can be saved which are being worked with the selected models and accessed at a later date or sent to your team instantly for approval or discussions.

MODELING AGENCIES and COORDINATORS – Moda Angeli offers modeling agencies, coordinators, and fresh coordinators, a free business center in their profile where they can upload their models and actors pictures, physical attributes, modeling profile, and pictures without adding their personal contact information. Once you have uploaded your models/actors you can go to your business center which is located in your profile and select the “apply for jobs” button for each model/actor and have their profiles sent directly for each job to our clients for approval. Moda Angeli will never contact your model/actor directly, it will inform the modeling agency/coordinator whenever their model is selected with all the details of the job and client information. Moda Angeli charges a small percentage of the remuneration for this service only after the client makes a payment.

Moda Angeli is constantly updating and upgrading our portal with new features and tools to help all the profiles earn more money and save time. We appreciate and encourage any feedback whether positive or negative which will help make your jobs easier and help models, actors, clients, casting directors, modeling agencies, casting agencies, and coordinators in the industry!

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